Safety on the Job Site

Employers that maintain a safe work site wil reduce costs and gain an advantage on their competitors. Fewer accidents will result in lower costs, and a more efficient workplace leading to higher profits.

Each job and each job site have different risks, but so long as these risks are recognized and prepared for the job can get done safely. Some of the key factors to a safe job site include:

  • Support And Direction from management
  • Having one person in charge of safety
  • Plan Safety Precautions in Advance
  • Control Accident Hazards
  • Train all employees of the benefits of a safe work place
  • Investigate all accidents
  • Inspect all job sites
  • Ensure employees are trained in first aid and that first aid material is readily available
  • Ensure the employer has proper insurance
  • Inspect all equipment to ensure it is working properly.
  • Barricade work areas and provide warning signs near excavations and other hazards.
  • Store, handle and dispose of hazardous material properly.
  • Keep all worksites and clean and tidy as possible.

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